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Todd has instilled a sense of responsibility, along with high academic expectations that I'm sure my son will carry through to high school and beyond.
Marion W. - Concord, MA

It was very hard for me to read, write, and speak in English when I first came to America. I was afraid to speak to my schoolmates. My writing skills were horrible, and I hated to read books in English. However, my mother found a tutoring company called "Next Level Up" in the school newsletter, and we decided to get an English tutor. When we first met Mr. Todd Blechner we thought he was very kind and intelligent. Time flew by, and my English skills improved after each class. Finally, it was time to leave America and go back to Korea. After ten months, my mother and I were impressed by how much my English reading, writing, and speaking skills finally improved. I thought it was because of Mr. Blechner, and I still think the same way.
Daniel K.(4th grade Korean exchange student) - Brookline, MA

I worked with Todd for the past year and a half and really enjoyed it. He made it fun, and I always looked forward to the lessons. I can really see improvement in my writing over the last year and a half. Todd is so nice and supportive and I really loved working with him.
Carol C.(6th grade student) - Brookline, MA

Working with Todd and Next Level Up has been a wonderful experience for our girls and for us. Todd's style is simple, straight forward and he does an excellent job calibrating his pace and approach to the needs of each child. He does this with empathy for what its like to be a student and with a terrific sense of humor. Todd has done an excellent job taking the time to figure out the strengths of each of our girls and then creating work to bolster their confidence in those areas, while building confidence in the areas that needed more attention. We would highly recommend Next Level Up for anyone looking to provide some additional support for their kids as they navigate new learning.
Jonathan and Lisa S. - Sherborn, MA

Todd Blechner is completely devoted to the total improvement of each child. He talks to them about their overall engagement with their studies and what they need to do to take ownership of their education. For a wonderful example, all of my son's grades went up on his last report card thanks to Todd's ability to get Paul to take his studies more seriously. He coaches them in a way that makes them believe that they can be successful. They learn that they just need to put in more effort, because even though it is hard, giving up is not a consideration. Now he works with my youngest daughter, something that I just can't do. I'm so grateful to have him!
Andrea G. - Wellesley, MA

Todd is very patient, kind and caring. We feel fortunate to have found a great teacher in him, and we highly recommend him as a tutor.
Anne P. - Needham, MA

My daughter was having a difficult time with math and my husband and I were unable to make a difference in her understanding. Since she began meeting with a tutor, there has been a remarkable difference in her attitude and her ability in math. Homework is so much less of a hassle and her grades have been consistently improving. We were so happy with Todd Blechner and his services that we also hired a tutor to help my other daughter with reading. All in all, it has been a very positive experience and I would recommend Next Level Up to anyone looking for qualified and experienced tutors.
Julie Z. – Medfield, MA

Iíve seen noticeable improvement in my daughter's knowledge and overall confidence. Todd is very patient and has taken time to really get to know her and her learning style. He tailors his lessons accordingly and makes sure that they both reinforce previously covered concepts, and challenges my daughter in new ways. We are very happy with the progress she has made and look forward to Toddís ongoing support and encouragement. I would definitely recommend Todd and Next Level Up to anyone looking for qualified tutoring services.
Judy G. – Needham, MA

Todd has done a great job working with our daughter – she is always happy to see him and enjoys their time together. He makes their lessons fun and interesting and he always seems genuinely interested in what she has to say. One of the skills that has impressed me about Todd is how he crafts a perfect mix of challenge and encouragement – and it produces excellent results. As a parent, I appreciate both his happy demeanor and his professionalism. I highly recommend Todd and Next Level Up as your source for in-home tutoring.
Amy W. – Needham, MA, mother of Hadley W.

Todd is great at teaching kids. He explains things very clearly (so well that I almost never have any questions!) He gives you a challenge or a boost in learning and makes work seem fun. Here is an example: when I learned fractions properly, he said pizza pies instead of saying it in a not-very-interesting way such as fraction circles. If you’re looking for a tutor, you should totally consider Todd and his company.
Hadley W. (age 8) – Needham, MA

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