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Do you think that your child could benefit from a one on one learning environment where fundamentals, organizational skills, and positive study habits are reinforced? Are you looking for the convenience of having an experienced in-home tutor that could provide academic support?

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Here at Next Level Up, we believe that every student can be reached. We strive to find that perfect fit, one that will truly benefit the student. Our tutors are driven and committed to an educational approach that is centered on a compassionate attitude, and one that directly addresses each student's central academic areas of focus. Next Level Up tutors make every effort to inspire a love of learning, impart the importance of having solid fundamentals, motivate and mentor by making real connections, and provide consistent quality service to all of our clients.

..."Thank you Todd! Without the support, Jonathan could not have had this kind of finish. He was proud of himself and seems way more optimistic about his transition to high school."
- Lisa B. - Newton

..."I'm getting out of the Marines in one month. I'm so excited. I just wanted to let you know that you were one of the few that made me the person I am today. Even after these years, I still think about those times in Junior High and the football team of course; only now I realize that you made a big impact in my life as a teacher and a coach. Thank you sir."
- Adrian Q. - former student from 2002 (Email received on 9/27/12)

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