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Our tutors are from some of the top graduate schools in the area, as well as teachers from local public school systems. We aim to provide highly individualized sessions focused on each student’s unique needs, while establishing and reinforcing fundamentals, positive study habits, organizational skills, and perspective.

All of our tutors have been recruited and interviewed intensively, have had all of their professional and personal references checked, and have been processed through the Massachusetts CORI criminal background check system.

In addition to working in people's homes, Next Level Up tutors can meet at local libraries.

Message From The Owner

I have been in education for over a decade. Throughout that time my educational philosophy has evolved with my varied teaching experiences. However, I've always approached each student as a unique individual and a whole person, no matter what their age. I've always felt that the key to making the all important teacher-student connection lies in taking a sincere interest in who the student is. Every one of the tutors working for Next Level Up shares this vision, and believes that sincerity and compassion, along with the reinforcement of fundamentals and positive study habits, are the best avenues to take when trying to reach a student.

Todd Blechner, Owner and Tutor

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